Top of the Pops

presented by Anthea Turner

  1. Gun – Shame On You (35)
  2. River City People – California Dreamin’ (27)
  3. Blue Pearl – Naked In The Rain (34)
  4. Glenn Medeiros Feat. Bobby Brown – She Ain’t Worth It (video) (13)
  5. Thunder– Gimme Some Lovin’ (38)
  6. The Soup Dragons Feat. Junior Reid – I’m Free (28)
  7. The Stone Roses – One Love (video) (4)
    TOTP Chart Rundown 12th July 199003:55

    TOTP Chart Rundown 12th July 1990

  8. Elton John – Sacrifice (1) Rpt.
  9. Technotronic Feat. Ya Kid K – Rockin’ Over The Beat (Video) (26) (And Credits)

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