• New Order play CND festival, Glastonbury, UK (second day).
    • from 2016-06-23 [1]
      • Gillian Gilbert: “We’d never played anything as huge before, so I imagine there were a lot of people there. But I can’t say for sure because it was so big I couldn’t look at the audience. Back then I was more like, ‘Oh God!’ and so concentrated on what I was doing.”
      • Stephen Morris: “Glastonbury was nothing like it is now. The Pyramid stage was basically built on top of the cowsheds, the backstage area was half a dozen Transit vans parked up and we all had a cup of tea at Michael Eavis’s house after we finished. But it did have that special atmosphere. Unfortunately Bernard [Sumner, singer] rather over-imbibed on Pernod and halfway through one song just completely fell over and started playing guitar on his back. As a performer you have to draw the line between enjoying the festival and keeping yourself in a fit state to play.”


New Order - Live at the CND Festival, Glastonbury, England (June 20, 1981)52:03

New Order - Live at the CND Festival, Glastonbury, England (June 20, 1981)

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