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Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms - Some People Think It's Fun To Entertain is the title of the debut album by China Crisis released on Virgin records in November 1982. The album features four different producers and song writing is attributed to the three group members of the time Eddie Lundon, Garry Daly and Dave Reilly. Cover design is by Peter Saville Associates.

Difficult Shapes.. achieved limited success on its release although eventually made it to no.21 in February 1983 on the back of the success of the single Christian, a longer version of which appears on the album. the album also includes early single African and White and the follow-up No More Blue Horizons


  • original LP/cassette,1982
    CC Difficult Shapes album promo flyer

Side One / "Difficult Side"

  1. Seven Sports For All
  2. No More Blue Horizons (Fool, Fool, Fool)
  3. Feel To Be Driven Away
  4. Some People I Know To Lead Fantastic Lives
  5. Christian

Side Two / "Entertainment Side"

  1. African and White
  2. Are We A Worker
  3. Red Sails
  4. You Never See It
  5. Temptation's Big Blue Eyes
  6. Jean Walks Through Fresh Fields


  • in record collection (cassette)
  • in Top 50 albums
  • in Top 10 albums of 1982

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