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Gary Numan is a British singer, songwriter and musician. Born Gary Anthony James Webb, 1958-03-08, he first became famous with the song 'Are "Friends" Electric, a single released under the group name of Tubeway Army which went to no. 1 in the UK in June 1979. Numan then started to record and release as a solo artist and his first single 'Cars' also went to no. 1 in September of the same year. The Tubeway Army album Replicas went to no. 1 in the UK, as did his first two solo albums The Pleasure Principle and Telekon.

Numan enjoyed mixed fortunes throughout the eighties, almost always derided by the press but still maintaining a solid and loyal fanbase. He continued to record and release material into the nineties and to date.

Significant dates


  • 24 May 1979: First performance of Are 'Friends' Electric? by Tubeway Army on TOTP
  • 29 May 1979: Tubeway Army record second session for John Peel.[1] The four tracks will later appear on Gary Numan's first solo album in September.
  • 26 June 1979: Are 'Friends' Electric? reaches no. 1 position in the UK. The Peel session is broadcast the night before.
  • 28 June 1979: Numan on the cover of Smash Hits.[2] Tubeway Army on TOTP in no. 1 position.
Gary Numan Cars 1979 Top of The Pops02:38

Gary Numan Cars 1979 Top of The Pops

  • 30 August 1979: Gary Numan performs Cars on TOTP.[3] The single is at no. 20, the week's highest new entry.[4]
  • 18 September 1979: Cars reaches no. 1 in the UK singles charts. Debut album The Pleasure Principle goes straight to no. 1 the same week.
  • 15 November 1979: Numan on cover of Smash Hits for second time.[5]


  • 20 May 1980: We Are Glass goes straight into the singles chart at no. 10 (see also TOTP 22 May 1980). The single will reach its peak of no. 5 a week later.
  • 26 August 1980: I Die: You Die goes straight into the UK singles chart at no.8 (see also TOTP 28 August 1980). The single will reach its peak of no. 6 a week later.



My record collection


  • Cars (1979)
  • Complex (1979)
  • We Are Glass (1980)
  • I Die: You Die (1980)
  • We Take Mystery (To Bed) (1982)
  • White Boys and heroes (1982)


  • Telekon (1980)
  • Living Ornaments 79 (1981)
  • Dance (1981)


  • The Pleasure Principle (deluxe)

Concerts attended

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