No-One Driving 7 in UK front

No-One Driving is the tile of a song by John Foxx, released as his second solo single in 1980, both as a single 7" and a limited edition double 7"pack.[1] The single version of the song is slightly different from the original version featured on the Metamatic album, which contains the line "Someone's gone liquid in the sheets", changed to "Someone's gone missing in the sheets" for the single.

No-One Driving reached no. 32 in the UK charts. Foxx appeared on Top of the Pops on 27 March 1980 for a mimed performance of the song.


  • album version - 3:49
  • single version - 3:46
  • early version - 3:58 (on Glimmer compilation album)

- full list here

Single release

No One Driving gatefold inner


all issues: VS 338 - Virgin/Metal Beat

  • 7"

A. No One Driving (3:46)

B. Glimmer (3:35)

  • 2x7" gatefold sleeve

1A. No One Driving (3:46)

1B. Glimmer (3:35)

2A. This City (3:05)

2B. Mr No (3:12)


  • a second 7" was also released with three tracks No One Driving b/w Glimmer - Mr No.
  • Glimmer is an instrumental track and gives its name to a John Foxx compilation album released in 2008.
  • Glimmer, This City and instrumental track Mr No remained exclusive to this release before being issued as bonus tracks on CD re-issue of Metamatic in 2001.


  • double 7" in my collection
  • Top 100 singles


John Foxx - No One Driving (promo video)02:53

John Foxx - No One Driving (promo video)

John Foxx - No One Driving (promo video)

John Foxx - No One Driving (TOTP 1980)02:50

John Foxx - No One Driving (TOTP 1980)

John Foxx - No One Driving (TOTP 1980)

No-One Driving (Early Version)03:51

No-One Driving (Early Version)

No-One Driving (early version)

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