The following is a list of OMD B-sides issued since 1979 to the present. 


  1. OMD -  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (group)
  2. B-side - track or tracks issued as flipside to 7" or 12" singles or as 'bonus tracks' on CD issues of singles. Original tracks only, no re-mixes.
  3. UK releases only, unless otherwise stated

Part I

Year Single release B-side Cat no. Notes
1979 Electricity Almost FAC 6 Produced by 'Martin Zero' (Martin Hannet)
1980 Almost DIN 2 Produced by Chester Valentino
Red Frame / White Light I Betray My Friends DIN 6
Messages Taking Sides Again DIN 15

DIN 15-10

'dub' version of Messages
Waiting For The Man DIN 15-10 cover version of 'I'm Waiting For the Man' - velvet Underground
Enola Gay Annex DIN 22, DIN 22-12
1981 Souvenir Motion & Heart (Amazon version) DIN 24, DIN 24-10 Same versions on 7" & 10"
Sacred Heart
Joan of Arc The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished) DIN 36, DIN 36-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
1982 Maid of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) Navigation DIN 40, DIN 40-12
Of All The Things We've Made DIN 40-12 Sleeve erroneously lists 'Experiments in Vertical Take Off'
1983 Genetic Engineering 4-Neu VS 527, VS 527-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
Telegraph 66 and Fading VS 580, VS 580-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
1984 Locomotion Her Body in my Soul VS 660, VS 660-12 Same version on 7" & 12"
The Avenue VS 660-12
Talking Loud and Clear Julia's Song VS 685 re-recorded version of song first featured on 1980 debut album.
VS 685-12 12" features a 'dub' version followed by the 7" version
Tesla Girls Telegraph (live) VS 705, VS 705-12
Garden City VS 705-12
1985 So In Love Concrete Hands VS 766
Concrete Hands (extended) VS 766-12
Maria Gallante VS 766-12, VS 766 (2x7" only)
White Trash (live) VS 766 (2x7" only)
Secret Drift VS 796, VS 796-12
La Femme Accident Firegun VS 811, VS 811-12, VSD811-12 also features 12" version of La Femme Accident,
Locomotion (live) VSD811-12
Enola Gay
If You Leave 88 Seconds in Greensboro VS 843, 843-12 album track
Locomotion (live version) VS 843-12
1986 (Forever) Live and Die This Town VS 888, VS 888-12 12" has extended version and 7" version of (Forever) Live and Die
1987 Shame (Extended Re Recorded Version) Goddess of Love VS 938, VS 938-12, MIKE 938 12 (CD) album track
1988 Dreaming Satellite VS 987, VS 987-12, VSY 987-12
Gravity Never Failed VS 987-12, VSY 987-12 originally recorded in 1981

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