Underpass 7in front

Underpass is the title of a song by John Foxx released as his debut single as a solo artist in 1980, b/w Film One. The song is also included on Foxx's debut album Metamatic.


  • 7" version - 3:18-3:21
  • album version - 3:54-3:59
  • extended version - 4:25 (available on Metatronic compilation album)
  • Mark Reeder remixes [1]
  • _Unsubscribe_Remake Mix - ??
  • Oh The Gilt mix - ??

full list here


  • 7" in my record collection
  • In my Top 50 singles
  • In my Top 10 singles of 1980


John Foxx - Underpass, Video03:22

John Foxx - Underpass, Video

John Foxx - Underpass (2010 ''Metatronic'' DVD) Video edit by KARBORN04:56

John Foxx - Underpass (2010 ''Metatronic'' DVD) Video edit by KARBORN

John Foxx And The Maths - Underpass04:39

John Foxx And The Maths - Underpass

John Foxx and the Maths Underpass (live)

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